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Human Capital Management (Staff Outsourcing)

We equip our clients with less work load as input for increased bottom line by taking on the management of their non-core staff on their behalf. This strategy leaves Management( in clients organization) with excess time and resources to focus on their core or strategic business, while we drive activities largely from the bottom.

We focus on managing the lower cadre staff of clients’ organization so our clients would enjoy the following:

• Expert staff management input
• Absence of work downtime ( seamless work operations)
• Increased bottom line with decreased overhead expenses
• Frees up time and space for management to pursue strategic issues
• Enhance faster and more efficient work and role processes

These are achieved when we take on your support staff management, staff deployment, payroll management, recruitment, and labor relations management issues.

Outsource-able staff include, all support staff ( from non-management staff and below) eg Customer Service Officer, Front Desk Officers, Cash Officers, Secretaries, Technical Officers, Factory staff, Cleaners, Tellers and all Contract Staff


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