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About Us

C.N Grades Resourcing provide consulting services designed to transform clients’ organization, align people, processes and technology to optimum performance and satisfactory level of sustainability.

We are a response to the market demand for quality outsourcing solutions, majorly in the human resource, structure and process spectra of the organization. Our belief is that “the people and the structure are the organization”, therefore the “quality of staff and structure is the quality of the organization”.

We help you create a platform for excellence by providing you with cutting edge solution to every of your business need by our team of experts in the following areas

• Human Capital Management
• Human Capital Sourcing
• Human Capital Development
• Process Advisory/ Consulting
• IT Outsourcing Solutions
• Process Advisory/ Consulting

We pride ourselves in our expertise and reassure you of availability of smart and on the move solutions.

Reasons for Outsourcing

Outsourcing helps mainly in two principal areas i.e Cost Reduction for the organization and Redirection and focus on the core business by management.

The reduction in costs can be considerable, when the major element of the outsourced business is labor, and so long as the quality of service offered by the contracted company is excellent, then these savings will be realized. The outsourcing of none-core functions, frees up time and energy for management to focus primarily on the critical and strategic demands of the organization.


Other reasons:

• Gain access to world-class capabilities
• Free internal resources for other purposes
• Resources are not available internally
• Accelerate reengineering benefits
• Function difficult to manage/out of control
• Make capital funds available
• Share risks
• Cash infusion


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